Ball Consulting ltd

Vendor Partners

Macungie, PA

Smooth-On, Inc. manufacturers the most complete and versatile lines of liquid mold rubber, casting resins and other specialty molding and casting compounds.

Pourable, brushable and sprayable polyurethane rubber and RTV silicone rubber systems cover the full range of hardness and flexibility for countless applications. Polyurethane resins & foams, epoxy plastics, alginate, as well as all accessories, release agents and training materials are available from Smooth-On - your single source for high-performance mold making and casting materials!

FRP Equipment
Concord, NC

FRP, Inc. builds a variety of plural component processing equipment to meet the demands of today's industry. For almost 30 years, we have offered systems that range from low volume to high production outputs. We build standard systems, but our ability to customize to suit your needs is our best asset.

RimCraft has always been the leader in Gypsum processing equipment. Now that FRP manufactures the entire RimCraft line, expect even better.  We are currently building our own pumping system that promises to bring a new edge to our product. FRP builds both Spray for Facecoat and Chopper for backup as well as accelerated casting systems.

FRP is fast becoming a significant force in the GFRC equipment market. Already recognized as the leader in GFRG, we have applied these details to our Cement line. We have found that the details are what make a huge difference in promoting flow and EZ cleaning of these difficult-to-pump materials. Look for the RimSpray GFRC Mini for ease of maneuverability in small shops (ie: Concrete Countertops) and outdoor applications. The full size RimSpray unit is taking the GFRC Industry by storm!

GFRC - Cladding Panels

Arc Limited
Leetsdale (Pittsburgh), PA

Arc Limited is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) architectural castings.

Lightweight, durable and providing tremendous design flexibility, GFRC is often used in commercial construction for non-structural architectural components such as wall panels, window spandrels, façades, column covers, window headers, fountains, balustrades, cornices and artistic masonry forms and shapes. Replication of natural stone in a variety of color and textures is possible when GFRC is specified. GFRC technology is also widely recognized as a superior alternative to imported terra cotta stone for use in historical replication where reproducing elements and achieving an aged appearance is required.

Clark Pacific
Fontana, CA

Since it was founded in 1963, Clark Pacific has played a central role in the West Coast precast industry.  Clark Pacific designs, fabricates and installs GFRC solutions on a turnkey basis, working closely with designers, owners, and general contractors to develop the most cost-effective approach.  GFRC panels are comprised of a 1” thick composite glass fiber concrete skin that is mechanically attached by flexible steel pins to a sturdy steel frame.  GFRC panels are an excellent choice for high-rise buildings in areas of high seismic activity and for very decorative and intricate shapes and applications.

Dave Kucera Inc.
Gardiner, NY

David Kucera Incorporated is a team of professionals dedicated to providing you with the highest quality cast stone and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) products. We are Consultants, project managers, artisans, moldmakers and engineers committed to excellence during all phases of a project.
Established in 1989, DKI has a wealth of accumulated experience. Our projects range from simple panel installations to intricate landmark restoration. Our products can be made to simulate a wide range of stone colors and textures as well as glazed terra cotta.

GFRC Cladding Systems, LLC
Garland, TX

Unlike many Precast manufacturers that also offer GFRC, GFRC Cladding Systems specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of GFRC exterior cladding systems for institutional and commercial buildings that are beautiful, durable, and cost effective.
This focus on large cladding panels for both new construction and building renovation has enabled the Company to develop long term partnerships with our Customers and to establish a unique reputation in the industry for innovative and cost effective design solutions, and responsive support.

Walters & Wolf
Fremont, CA

Walters & Wolf Precast is a premier precast company in California. We specialize in architectural precast concrete panels, architectural glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels, and natural stone-on-truss panels.  We have an IAS and PCI certified manufacturing facility and provide PCI certified installation of our products.

Willis Construction
San Juan Bautista, CA

Willis Construction is one of the leading Architectural Precast Concrete manufacturers and installers in the Western United States.  We are dedicated to providing Architects and General Contractors with the design and engineering expertise necessary to meet the building challenges of the future.  The high quality, durability and long term use of Architectural Precast Concrete, Thinshell and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) systems provide a wide range of design options for virtually every type of building.  Contact us to decide which system would be best suited for your next project.

GFRC - Architectural Ornamentation

Architectural Facades Unlimited
Gilroy, CA

Architectural Facades Unlimited, the 2009 APA Award Winner for Excellence in Architectural GFRC Precast Stone, and with more than 23 years of experience, has become one of the most highly respected companies in the field of Architectural Ornamental Precast Stone.   AFU consistently creates highly intricate and durable designs and fabrications in AFU’s lightweight LCS Stone™, GFRC, GRG, and Standard Precast products.

Acropolis Stone Designs
Mesa, AZ

Acropolis Stone Designs, based in Mesa, AZ, produces Precast and GFRC products for commercial and residential construction and remodel projects.  Acropolis cast stone and precast products are available in numerous colors and textures, which can simulate a variety of natural building stones, such as limestone, brownstone, sandstone, cantera stone, blue stone, slate and travertine.  Our products are available in three distinctive materials:  Cast Stone (Precast Concrete), Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), and Industrial Plasters and Gypsum Cements.

Concrete Designs, Inc
Tucson, AZ

Concrete Designs Inc., located in Tucson, Arizona, has specialized in the design and manufacture of architectural ornamentation since 1958.  CDI is the largest manufacturer of ornamental precast concrete in the United States. Known for its high-quality products and commitment to customer service, CDI is also characterized by versatility.  In addition to producing products in concrete, CDI manufactures shapes in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) for use when weight is a consideration or when a smooth, even finish is desired.

Casting Designs, Inc
Fort Worth, TX

With a background in the foundry pattern business, Jerry Bransom founded Casting Designs, Inc in 1989 to service the architectural casting business.  After many years, CDI has become a reliable source for GRG and GRC materials.

Custom Castings Northeast, Inc
Bigler, PA

Custom Castings Northeast, Inc. is a pioneer in the development, perfecting and manufacturing of cost savings preformed fiber glass reinforced gypsum and cement architectural materials (GRG and GFRC).  We offer Custom Fireplace Surrounds, Prefabricated Panels, Coffers, Column Covers, Light Valances, Decorative Moldings, Copings, Restorations, Renovations, Sculpturing, Domed Ceilings, Custom Patterns, Radius Walls, Sound Baffles, Ceiling Tiles, Coves, Capitals, Decorative Door Headers, Wall Panels, Sconces, Reproductions, Gargoyles, Vaulted Ceilings, Bullnoses, Niches, Inside and Outside Corners, and much more.

Toronto, ONT, Canada

For nearly five decades, Formglas has created custom manufactured solutions for high quality molded stone finishes, luxurious cold cast metallic shapes, precision-engineered gypsum surfaces, and durable concrete and fiberglass shapes and profiles. Our products are engineered to dramatically reduce installation costs, provide enhanced aesthetic appearance and ensure years of durability and beauty.

Melton Classics Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA (Atlanta)a

Melton Classics Incorporated is the industry leader in the manufacture of fine architectural columns, balustrades, mouldings and many other millwork products and details. Melton Classics provides free expert project consultation assistance, and has provided its columns and millwork products on thousands of substantial commercial and residential projects across all America for over two decades. Call 800-963-3060.

Mesa Precast
Tempe, AZ

Mesa Precast & Supply, LLC is a manufacturer of architectural and ornamental precast concrete (using traditional and GFRC products) located in Tempe, Arizona.  We specialize in the use of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), also known as GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) or FRC (Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete), as a more cost effective, stable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing method to get the look and feel you want for nearly any architectural precast project or product.

Moonlight Molds
Gardena, CA

Moonlight Molds, Inc manufactures architectural cast products including, but not limited to, decorative columns, cove moulds, cornices, crown moulds, ceiling domes, light troughs and ceiling vaults.  Our interior products are made of GRG (glass reinforced gypsum).  GRG is a high strength composite material that is lightweight and nonflammable.  GRG products are designed to install easily using conventional drywall techniques, tools and attaching hardware.  We produce exterior products cast in FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement) and Precast Concrete.  FRP and GFRC are lightweight, thin shell products which can be cast with a paint grade finish or supplied with an integral color and / or texture.

Pacific Stone Design, Inc
Santa Ana, CA

Pacific Stone Design, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of architectural concrete precast and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) products, with over a decade of service to the construction and landscape industry. Our goal is to provide the highest quality concrete precast products, exceptional customer service, and attention to detail that is second to none.

Plasterform Inc
Mississauga, ONT, Canada

Founded in 1987, Plasterform is one of the largest custom casting manufacturers in the world. We manufacture the most extensive line of architectural casting products available, including GRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum), GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), IMS (Interior Molded Stone) and FRP (Fiberglass). Our 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility and 150 talented employees give us the ability to do everything under one roof – from consultation to shipping.

GFRC - Countertops

Concrete Countertop Institute
Raleigh, NC
The Concrete Countertop Institute's mission is to help concrete countertop professionals succeed.
We do this by providing:

  • Intensive training, both hands-on and self-study
  • Membership programs
  • Events
  • Research and testing of the latest materials and procedures
  • Advocacy, consultation and guidance to concrete countertop product manufacturers and the design community

Concrete Countertop Supply by Fishstone
Elgin, IL

Concrete Countertop Supply by Fishstone was started in 2006 by Tom and Carrie Fischer, owners of Fishstone Studio in Elgin, IL, a manufacturer of custom concrete and wood countertops. Concrete Countertop Supply was introduced to help the concrete countertop contractor locate and purchase products from one source. Our philosophy is to deliver quality products geared to the concrete industry at affordable prices.

Elements Concrete
Bozeman, MT

We are an award winning artisan design studio specializing in concrete countertops, concrete sinks, fireplace surrounds, furniture, and other custom projects for your home or business. Our eco-friendly process combines modern technology with old-school handcrafted quality.

Get Real Surfaces
Poughkeepsie, NY

Since 1996, Get Real Surfaces has been producing fine architectural concrete products.  When we began, architectural concrete was still a novel concept and we found ourselves in the position of being educators, as well as fabricators.  From our manufacturing facility located in the beautiful Hudson River Valley, we focused on growing our business and building relationships with architects and designers.  In the thirteen years since, Get Real Surfaces has established itself as a premier supplier of architectural and decorative concrete in the Northeast.

Kulish Design Co
Wilmington, DE

We are a custom concrete resurfacing, restoration, preservation, art and design company. Think of your existing interior or exterior space as an artist would a canvas. Whether a poured-in-place/preformed concrete countertop, sink, vessel, floor, fireplace surround or even a shower surround, concrete has the remarkable ability to be shaped, colored and  textured in just about any fashion.   Each project is a one-of-a-kind work of art that will outlast just about any other material.  I reverse engineer every countertop I make to last thousands of years, not a few  The flexibility of this medium allows me to incorporate features such as built-in drain boards, bowls, shapes, art, trivets, soap dishes and future homes for faucets and dispensers.  Thanks to advanced training with a fellow artisan Brandon Gore, of Gore Design Co. on the West Coast, we are proud to be one of the first companies on the East Coast capable of creating fabric formed sinks, vessels and concrete art.

Ornamental Concrete Concepts LLC
Evans City, PA

We offer a wide selection of precast concrete home and garden decor.  Specializing in concrete counter tops, vanity sinks and architectural elements.  We invite you to explore our site, see our craftsmanship, and watch as we turn visions into concrete.

Outlaw Studios
Pittsburgh, PA

We passionately envision our concrete designs along with the input of our customers and faithfully execute each piece from conception to installation. These designs include countertops, garden art, sinks, water features, bathtubs, indoor or outdoor accessories, flooring, and more.

Whether your project is commercial or residential, indoor or outdoor, Outlaw Studios works with you to meet your specific needs and desires.

Sonoma Cast Stone
Petaluma, CA

Sonoma Cast Stone is the premier manufacturer of concrete fixtures for the home or business. We've been making concrete countertops, concrete sinks, surrounds, tiles and pavers for over twenty years. But more than that, at Sonoma Cast Stone we've been the leading innovator of both product design and the very nature of concrete itself. Our creative inspirations range from the whimsical to the majestic, and though they have been copied literally around the world, none compare to the original. Likewise, Sonoma Cast Stone's unique and progressive-thinking approach to contemporary concrete has given rise to the first truly stain-free concrete and to EarthCrete™, the closest thing yet to a truly carbon-neutral concrete.

Top Floor Artisans
Slippery Rock, PA

Top Floor Artisans will bring art, style and beauty with one of kind concrete pieces for every room inside and out of your western Pennsylvania home.  Truly, if you can dream it, we can make it.  You have to experience the look and feel of concrete, reprogram all your thoughts of the dingy gray construction material.  The concrete that I’ll bring into your home is soft enough to hug, durable enough to last a lifetime, and beautiful enough to make anyone who sees it jealous.

Forton MG

Architectural Products Fabricators, Inc
Van Nuys, CA

Architectural Products was established in 1982 in the State of California, specializing in the fabrication of the finest architectural ornamentation. Throughout the years we’ve expanded our capabilities into cast  products such as (GRG) Fiberglass Reinforced Gypsum, Fiberglass Reinforced Cement (GRC) and Polymer-Modified Gypsum (Forton MG). At the same time, we greatly improved the selection of different items we produce.

In GRG we developed our lines of ceiling panels, fireplace surrounds/mantels and hearths, moldings and trims, niches, domes, light covers, columns, corbels, and medallions/rosettes. From GRC we produce wall veneers, curtain walls, balustrades/pins, rails, posts, post caps, wall caps and finials. Forton MG is a high tech casting material for exterior applications, non-porous and water resistant, used to manufacture column covers, moldings, trims/window sills, cornices, arches, plaques, and other different ornamental details

Moonlight Molds
Gardena, CA

Moonlight Molds, Inc manufactures architectural cast products including, but not limited to, decorative columns, cove moulds, cornices, crown moulds, ceiling domes, light troughs and ceiling vaults.  Our interior products are made of GRG (glass reinforced gypsum).  GRG is a high strength composite material that is lightweight and nonflammable.  GRG products are designed to install easily using conventional drywall techniques, tools and attaching hardware.  We produce exterior products cast in FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement) and Precast Concrete.  FRP and GFRC are lightweight, thin shell products which can be cast with a paint grade finish or supplied with an integral color and / or texture.

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